Haivision Command 360 video wall software platform


Haivision’s end-to-end video wall solution is powered by Command 360, which works with purpose-built hardware to give enterprise teams real-time visualisation of business-critical information on video walls in operation and command centres. With Haivision video wall technology, companies can establish a common operating picture to instantly view and resolve critical situations such as cyber-attacks, security breaches, and fraudulent activity alerts.

“Companies worldwide use high-performance Haivision video wall technology in their security operation centers, network operation centers, and cybersecurity operation centers to drive effective communication, informed decision-making, and targeted action,” said Aaron Leiker, Vice President, Operation Centers, Haivision. “Our Command 360 software platform transforms the way operation centers function, increasing access to situational awareness tools, and connecting teams and decision makers like never before. We look forward to demonstrating the powerful capabilities at GSX 2023.”

Whether companies are facing a cybersecurity breach, responding to a public emergency, or coordinating a defence mission, Haivision Command 360 helps them make informed decisions and react faster than ever before. Haivision is a leading global provider of mission-critical, real-time video networking and visual collaboration solutions.