Garrett Detectors installed in Laredo School District, Texas


Garrett Metal Detectors reports that its Multi Zone walk-through metal detector has been introduced to 31 schools in the Laredo Independent School District (LISD) in Webb County, Texas. The machines have been added to all elementary, middle and high-school campuses as part of LISD’s proactive approach to school security, states the company.

“Our students are the most precious commodities and jewels of our parents, so we have to take an active approach to assure their safety and security at all times,” says Oscar Perez, executive director of health and safety for Laredo ISD. “We are taking action, so there’s a lot of investment on behalf of our school district, not only with purchasing the equipment, but with the training as well.”

The Multi Zone walk-through metal detector can be programmed to detect not only guns and similar threat objects, but also knives and vape pens, which some other mass screening technologies with low detection capabilities fail to find, notes the company.

Some newer technologies claim to detect weapons using artificial intelligence. I don’t think it’s very intelligent to miss knives, disassembled weapons and small handguns,” says Steve Novakovich, CEO of Garrett. “Garrett’s proven technology has been protecting schools for many years and we have solved the cost and operational challenges that go along with effective security screening in K-12 environments. That intelligence is real, not artificial. We applaud Mr. Perez and the Laredo Independent School District for doing their homework and choosing Garrett’s highly effective security technology.”

The company states that its Multi Zone metal detector “has found wide acceptance in the world of K-12 security as a product that was designed specifically for schools as a cost-effective solution for the diverse security needs of school environments.”