Frost names Thales as leader in cyber security for air travel


Thales has been honoured as the recipient of the Frost & Sullivan 2024 European Company of the Year Award in the cyber security for airport security category.

This recognition is a testament of Thales’s unwavering commitment to providing innovative and robust cyber security solutions that safeguard airport infrastructures, networks, and systems against evolving threats, while ensuring a seamless passenger experience.

Frost & Sullivan estimates that the global airport security market will generate more than $127.28 billion in collective revenue by 2030. In Europe, the segment expects to reach approximately $3.95 billion in 2030, with a compound annual growth rate of about 13.2% from 2022-2030. Even with high spending costs from European airports, concerns remain regarding inadequate passenger screening, access control, and physical security, according to the analysts.

“Thales’ foundational approach establishes ongoing customer trust for long-lasting relationships throughout the product lifecycle and sets up the company for continued success. Frost & Sullivan recognises Thales’ for its visionary innovation and customer-centric initiatives that reshape the airport security market,” said Steven Lopez, Best Practices Research Analyst.

Frost & Sullivan reserves this highly esteemed award for companies that demonstrate market leadership through innovation and a commitment to meet evolving customer needs.
Thales at the forefront of innovation and growth

As a trusted partner to some of the busiest airports worldwide, Thales understands the unique needs and constraints faced by the industry. Leveraging this knowledge, Thales has structured its airport solutions on three key pillars: smart security, passenger journey, and operational efficiency. Through these pillars, Thales responds to the need for:
● Increased cyber security: Thales’s state-of-the-art technologies and extensive industry expertise enable airports to proactively detect, respond to, and mitigate cyber risks in real time.
● Enhanced smart security: Thales’s airport security solutions protect critical aviation systems by enhancing safety measures and enabling airports to detect and respond to potential threats more effectively.
● Optimised operational processes: Thales’s airport solutions also focus on improving the efficiency of airport operators. Through our Airport Operations Control Centre offer, operators gain access to advanced tools and functionalities that optimise resource allocation and streamline operational processes.
● Improved passenger journey: Thales recognises the importance of a positive and enjoyable travel experience for passengers, empowering them with an intuitive and convenient biometric-enabled pathway that allows seamless identity verification and authentication at security checkpoints throughout the airport.