Effective Covid-led video systems offer other benefits for the future


The Mobotix 7 video solution platform has been designed to be explicitly open for self-developed apps from Mobotix partners and customers – which means that new solutions are constantly being created to meet even the most innovative requirements. The new M73 and S74 camera systems with three and four sensor modules per camera contribute to this. During the Corona pandemic, Mobitix video systems, provide effective hardware and software applications with its “back-on-track solutions”, however, Mobotix urges that these types of flexible systems retain their value far beyond the pandemic.

During the pandemic for example, anomalies in body temperature can be detected using Mobotix platform technology so that the persons concerned can undergo medical examinations. The thermal solutions are already being used, for example, by hospital visitors or hotel guests. The intelligent systems can also detect the wearing of mouth and nose protection. In retail stores or ski resorts, automatic announcements can be triggered if the Mobotix camera detects people without masks. Overcrowding situations can also be detected, and social distancing can be supported.

Mobotix maintains that flexible systems will retain their value far beyond the pandemic. While many of the technology solutions used to combat Covid-19 are used exclusively on a case-by-case basis, Mobotix offers video systems that offer valuable benefits beyond the pandemic – through simple conversions. For example, reliable, object-based recording of customer flows and the most frequented areas on the sales floor can provide retailers with important information on customer behaviour or product placement (detection of hotspots).

The 22 apps already installed in the video systems serve the requirements of numerous key sectors such as industry & manufacturing, energy & utilities, retail and healthcare, education, transport and mobility, and the public sector. Mobotix relies on its cooperation network of highly specialised technology partners. With Mobotix 7, Mobotix offers its global technology partners an ideal platform for developing their own creativity. The partners can implement unique solutions for their customers, which can also be certified by Mobotix, in conjunction with the intelligent Mobotix camera systems.