Eagle Eye provides their cloud video management system to enhance security for BaseCamp


BaseCamp Student is a pioneering company in the popular and growing co-living space, operating nine student housing facilities in Denmark, Germany, and Poland, with more locations to come. Offering more than just rooms and great amenities, BaseCamp builds global student communities with a focus on creating lifelong friendships and enhancing the student journey.

The BaseCamp building in Lyngby, Denmark, recently received a prestigious award from MIPIM for best residential development. The building is intended to be a sustainable community and intergenerational place of life for 900 students and seniors.

Inspired by the surrounding green area, it also aims to encourage its occupants to interact, both with nature and each other. When it comes to developing a sustainable and seamless experience for its guests, BaseCamp must think about the proper security for the premises. With many people entering and leaving, a state-of-the-art access control system is required.
With SALTO KS, BaseCamp was able to have the desired flexibility and scalability to service multiple locations. The integration of Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System (VMS) with SALTO allows BaseCamp to check who actually entered, and in addition, allows them to check the overall premises for cleanliness, research how the space is used, and improve the overall customer experience for its residents and guests.

Recently, new Eagle Eye Cloud VMS and SALTO KS installations were done in Leipzig and Dortmund, Germany. “We are continuously striving to build and operate a global community focused on enhancing the student journey,” says Elizabeth Cox, Baselife Director for BaseCamp Student Operations.

“So, when we set out to find a security partner, we sought one that was willing – and able – to be as creative as our students and our spaces. We found this in Eagle Eye Networks. Its video surveillance solution captures video for security purposes, but because video is stored in the cloud, it opens up unlimited access to valuable artificial intelligence – information that helps us and our residents make better decisions,” continues Elizabeth Cox.

“For example, management can use data to understand which amenities are used most often, informing future designs and builds. And students can engage with the system, as well. They may want to check the laundry room in real-time to determine if machines are available.”

“Or pull data regarding gym occupancy before heading to work out. By using our video surveillance system creatively, we’re enhancing the spaces where our residents live, learn, work, and connect – now and in the future.”