Dortronics custom and turnkey door control value-added solutions showcased


Dortronics Systems Inc., an industry pioneer in off-the-shelf and customised door control solutions, showcased its high-performance door control lineup recently. Dortronics stands out in the market by offering a range of flexible, made in the USA solutions.

These include high-performance, programmable door interlock controllers, versatile push buttons, touchless switches, and custom fabrications tailored to meet specific customer needs.

Dortronics rigorously tested and meticulously designed door control solutions, include:
● Two Cutting-Edge Programmable Interlock Controllers: The 48500 Series 5-Door Controller and the 48900 Series 9-Door Controller. Both are PLC-powered and streamline performance for door interlock and mantrap systems using a single board controller, eliminating the need for intricate software to configure settings and operate. Each of these robust, easy-to-use controllers is access control compatible and available with an optional power supply and enclosure.
● A Wide Variety of Push Buttons: Dortronics’ wide array of push buttons encompass functionality from LED illumination to large lockdown and panic buttons, key reset operation, momentary action, pneumatic time delay, adjustable time delay, a selection of waterproof switches, and more. Specialised waterproof models, such as the WR5276-HD22, boast a neoprene gasket and an IP-66 rating, making it perfectly designed for challenging and wet environments such as clean rooms.
● Diverse Options for Custom Fabrication: Dortronics’ U.S.-based manufacturing setup is designed for flexibility, enabling the company to thoughtfully partner and develop a diverse array of personalised products for customers. Their custom fabrication covers everything from switches boasting long-lasting, easy-to-spot laser etching, and engraved paint-filled lettering, to tailor-made plate sizes and annunciators available in practically any shape or dimension.