Dahua thermal body temperature monitoring solution helps Russian company strengthen protection level during COVID-19


In St. Petersburg, a set of Dahua thermal body temperature monitoring system was installed at the entrance of JSC «Concern Okeanpribor» to help the company with preliminary body temperature screening of employees and visitors during the pandemic. The equipment can quickly and accurately detect people with elevated body temperatures, one of the key symptoms of COVID-19, providing the organization with an additional layer of protection for its employees.

To provide its employees with safe working conditions under COVID-19, JSC «Concern Okeanpribor» hopes to use the Dahua thermal body temperature monitoring system to assist their daily temperature screening work and minimize the chances of infection with the strictest measures possible, while not ignoring privacy and respect.

The Dahua Thermal Body Temperature Monitoring Solution was installed at the checkpoint of JSC «Concern Okeanpribor», consisting of:
– Thermal body temperature monitoring camera DH-TPC-BF5421P-T
– Calibration equipment (blackbody)
– DSS software
– Accessories (2 tripods, 2 adapters for a tripod)

The Dahua Thermal Body Temperature Monitoring Solution provides a non-invasive way to help organizations check body temperatures of a group of people at the same time, which is faster than hand-held scanners and can be done at a safer distance. That’s why this solution is accepted and adopted by JSC «Concern Okeanpribor» and other security experts during the pandemic and recovery.

Moreover, the most important factor why it was chosen is its accuracy. With a blackbody, the solution uses a hybrid thermal imaging camera to achieve highly accurate temperature monitoring of ± 0.3 ℃, which is essential in detecting people with abnormal temperatures. At the same time, the camera’s built-in face detection enabled by advanced AI technology can improve the overall measurement accuracy with better positioning of the measuring point on the face. This approach significantly reduces false alarms caused by a variety of hot objects that may accidentally or intentionally appear in the monitored zone. It can also detect the temperatures of people wearing medical masks.

This solution also includes a special version of Dahua DSS software, which can handle temperature alarms. If the set temperature threshold is exceeded, this could be an indication that the system has detected a person with fever and should be checked by a medical professional. In this case, the camera will send an alarm message to this software, allowing the operator to take appropriate measures.

In one transportation hub for instance, the system detected more than 100 passengers with abnormal temperature. After conducting medical tests, 60 of them were confirmed positive for COVID-19.