Dahua Retail Solution


With the impact of a rapidly developing online shopping industry through PC and mobile devices, retail stores are facing great challenges. In a fiercely competitive market, enlarging the customer base and maintaining their loyalty become increasingly important and at the same time – very difficult. Improving customer satisfaction, maximizing per-customer transactions, ensuring a safe environment, and reducing unnecessary loss have become a major focus of retail owners and chain store companies.

Dahua Technology, a world leading provider of intelligent video surveillance products and solutions, launched the Dahua Retail Security Solution. Dahua Retail Security improves customer satisfaction, secures the shopping environment, and optimizes business results – which keep OPEX low, enhance store operating efficiency, and increase profits. The solution is customized for you.
Technical Highlights
People Counting &Height Detection:
The 3D Camera provides people counting and height detection functionalities. It calculates foot traffic at the store entrance, and supports the export of daily / monthly / yearly reports, providing highly valuable data as a reference for future business decisions.

POS (Point of Sales) Integration:
The video feed and corresponding POS information can be shown simultaneously, both in the real-time and in playback mode. Text search is supported to retrieve specific order and associated video recording data.

Super WDR: Dahua Ultra Smart series cameras provide up to a 140dB Wide Dynamic Range for obtaining a crystal clear image even in high contrast, sunny environments. Clearly monitor store entrances under various conditions, day or night.

Heat Map: Fisheye cameras provide Heat Map functionality for areas throughout the store, helping businesses analyze and adjust to customer traffic. A fisheye camera also can capture images around the store floor.

Dewarping Modes: Dewarping modes allow fisheye cameras to capture a full view of the stores. One fisheye camera has a field of view equivalent to 8 standard cameras.
Corridor Mode Corridor mode is suitable for narrow shopping aisles, enabling minimal camera usage to monitor the same area.

Entrance Port: People counting &Height Detection helps retail stores acquire customer flow data, enabling them to manage and operate according to data like an e-commerce storefront.

Store Floor: As a major area center of the shopping experience and customer traffic, the shelf area tends to have differentiated visitor flow and requires great efforts in enacting security measures. Monitoring coverage contributes to reducing theft of customer property and retail goods, providing a reassuring shopping environment. Meanwhile, visitor flow data helps shopkeepers understand visitor flow distribution so they can prolong the time of customer stay and visitor flow coverage by rearranging goods and shelves.

Checkout Counter: Customer disputes and salesperson fraud occur frequently at the checkout counter. High-definition video, audio, and POS overlay can improve identifying the cause of problems.

Store Room: Starlight cameras make sure your store room is under careful surveillance 24-hours a day, performing well under any lighting conditions and greatly reducing the probability of being robbed. Day and night, starlight cameras provide complete coverage of the store room, preventing theft.

Office DSS: Business analysis application scenarios are mainly used to help retailers manage the store more efficiently with valuable data. It utilizes data processing to reduce time & labour cost, and relies on a visualization of various data to get an intuitive understanding of previous and current status of the store as well as its future trend. Remote Access At the same time, with remote access to the management client in Dahua DSS (Dahua Security Software), managers can view the latest store information and access video through mobile devices even when they are on business trips