Dahua launches XVR-I3 Series to broaden AI applications


Dahua Technology, a video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, recently unveiled an addition to its AI-enabled XVR series by releasing the XVR-I3 models. These new product models (XVR5000-I3 series and XVR5000-4KL-I3 series) support an array of AI features including full-channel SMD Plus and AI Coding, 4-channel Perimeter Protection, and more.
It also supports the Scheduled AI function for more convenient and practical applications. Multiple cameras can also be integrated with XVR-I3, such as the Smart Dual Illuminator camera, 6:9 5MP HDCVI camera, and TiOC 2.0.

The XVR-I3 models support artillery AI features. Smart Motion Detection Plus, or simply SMD Plus, can recognise human and vehicle figures through a deep learning algorithm, filtering out irrelevant objects to reduce false alarms.

Similarly, the perimeter protection function only sends alarms when human or vehicle intrusion has been detected, saving users time in checking false alarms. This feature has also been upgraded from 1 channel to up to 4 channels. In addition, the XVR-I3 models also integrate AI Coding which focuses on human and vehicle targets while saving 50% bandwidth and storage costs compared with H.265.

Previous XVR versions only allow one AI function to be enabled per channel, meaning users must manually switch to another function if needed. Using the latest XVR5000-4KL-I3 series, AI functions can be preset according to desired period, making it ideal for a myriad of application scenarios such as retail stores, villas, and schools.

For example: During business hours, retail stores can use the Scheduled AI function to set SMD Plus to greet incoming customers at the entrance. At night, the AI function will automatically switch to Perimeter Protection during non-business hours to deter and warn off possible intruders using Active Deterrence.

The Smart Dual Illuminators camera can effectively integrate with XVR-I3 devices. According to the status of the target detected by the AI-enabled XVR, the camera can flexibly switch between IR mode and white light mode, significantly helping to reduce light pollution in the area. Aside from that, these devices also support 16:9 5MP HDCVI cameras that provide undistorted 5MP image performance and super clear images.

Moreover, XVR-I3 can also integrate with Three-in-One (TiOC) 2.0 cameras that offer active warning through red & blue light and siren. With TiOC 2.0, both the XVR and DMSS app can be used to upload customised alarm audios (e.g. “Private Property, Keep Out!”), providing more convenience and flexibility for end-users. The XVR and DMSS app also offer a one-click arming/disarming function, which can also be controlled using a local alarm switch for extra convenience.

Overall, Dahua has released the XVR-13 series to cater to more and more needs of customers. By expanding the number of supported channels, these upgraded devices relatively increase the number of functions they can handle and deploy, significantly benefiting end-users.

AI features and other intelligent functionalities are also supported to address the various requirements of users based on their actual application scenarios. With its mission of “Enabling a safer society and smarter living”, Dahua Technology focuses on “Innovation, Quality, and Service” to serve its partners and customers around the world.