Corps Security launches a thermal imaging tool to monitor body temperature


Corps Security launches a thermal imaging tool to support organisations as they plan the return to work. The AI body temperature measurement tool, which comes in hand-held, fixed and tripod-mounted options, automatically scans people’s temperatures as they enter buildings allowing organisations to identify anyone with a high temperature – a key COVID-19 symptom.

Installed within 10 minutes, the cameras can simultaneously scan up to 16 faces – up to 3,600 an hour – making them suitable for corporate offices, major performing arts venues, manufacturing facilities, retail outlets and other high footfall locations.

The millisecond response means people have no reason to adapt their behaviour as they enter a facility, so business efficiency is unaffected. To support the implementation of this technology, Corps Security has invested in a bespoke training programme for site-based colleagues who will manage the solution, as well as new standard operating procedures to support rapid deployment.

Because the technology is non-contact, there is no risk for either the organisation’s people or security personnel. Security officers are immediately alerted when an abnormal body temperature has been detected, and provided with an image of the person enabling them to sensitively approach the individual. As organisations start to plan for the reoccupation of their facilities post the lockdown restrictions, thermal imaging cameras will be an essential tool to support business continuity while keeping people safe, said Mike Bullock, CEO of Corps Security.