Computer vision AI disruptor, Hummingbirds AI, Introduces GuacamoleAccess at CES 2022


Hummingbirds AI, an award-winning deep tech startup and the creator of the Guacamole platform is once again reimagining business at the speed of sight with its newest cutting-edge privacy-first platform GuacamoleAccess.

GuacamoleAccess is a patented video-based biometric platform that manages and controls physical access to the most secure spaces on the planet. Unlike the other biometric solutions in the market, GuacamoleAccess is cloud-independent to ensure the maximum privacy and security standards for Hummingbirds AI clients. Staying away from the cloud makes GuacamoleAccess faster, more robust, and more affordable than any other solution in the market.

Hummingbirds AI’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Nima Schei commented, “In the physical security space the most so-called “reliable” technologies are dominated by Russian and Chinese players, often backed by State-owned companies. On the other hand, the American companies are running the biometrics processing on the cloud, which makes them vulnerable to cyberattacks.”

“Who would want to introduce another vulnerability to their physical infrastructure while their cyber-infrastructure is under constant attack from government-backed players? And it’s so unfortunate that American startups in physical security rely so much on the cloud, while just this year, what we saw with the hacking of one of these unicorns was that 150,000 cameras were being accessed by hackers for an unknown period, from hospitals to jails and even Tesla.”

“In Hummingbirds AI, we think outside of the box and we go out of the way, outside of the comfort zone to create the most innovative computer vision algorithms for the security of the enterprise, because we know our clients needed this, and as a business owner, I put myself in their shoes and I want the best security for my business as well.”