Barberton High School Adds Advanced Detection Tech to Strengthen Security


Advanced detection systems provider Metrasens recently announced its partnership with Barberton High School, the primary high school within the Barberton City School District, which is deploying Metrasens Ultra. Barbeton school officials selected Metrasens “as part of its proactive approach to fortify campus security measures and uphold a safe learning environment,” according to the joint announcement.

With recent incidents of bomb threats targeting schools across the United States, concerns about safety in educational institutions have heightened. Recognizing the evolving challenges in maintaining a secure environment, Henry Muren, principal of Barberton High School, emphasised the need for increased security measures.

In response, Barberton High School officials took proactive steps, partnering with Metrasens to enhance existing security protocols and identify potential threats. “While no bomb threats were directed at BHS during recent incidents, the administration acknowledges the rising threat and the necessity to stay ahead of potential risks,” says Muren in the announcement. “We are not living in the world of comfort and security, as we once did.”

The school successfully trialed Metrasens Ultra, an advanced metal detection technology with touchless and radiation-free screening. Metrasens demonstrated its capabilities at a BHS football game, followed by deployments at a basketball home game, with plans for further expansion to other events.

Muren emphasised the significance of student participation in security measures, highlighting the school’s commitment to the Sandy Hook Promise and fostering a culture where everyone contributes to ensuring safety.
Recognizing the growing prevalence of metal detectors in public spaces, Muren stressed the imperative to adapt to the evolving security landscape.

“Our collective efforts to enhance the safety of our students, staff, and community members are crucial, and Metrasens plays an important role in providing advanced security solutions that align with our commitment to a secure and proactive environment,” he says.

Metrasens has earned acclaim for providing a mobile and efficient security solution, receiving positive feedback from BHS administrators and the community. The district commends Metrasens for exemplary customer service during implementation.

In line with their commitment to enhancing security measures without financial strain, the school actively seeks grant opportunities to acquire additional Metrasens detection systems.
“We believe having another layer of security that is non intrusive and is safe to use is a logical step forward,” says Jeff Ramnytz, superintendent of Barberton City Schools. “We will highly recommend Metrasens to other school districts seeking to enhance their security measures as well.”

Metrasens Ultra is designed to be safe for all individuals, including pregnant women and those with medical conditions, operating with a passive search method. The technology allows for efficient and respectful screening, ensuring a secure environment without hindering access.

“We are thrilled to play an integral part in helping BHS achieve its objectives,” says Chris Arbeitman, vice president of market and business development at Metrasens, in the announcement. “We are aligned with BHS’s proactive approach and remain committed to supporting all of their security initiatives to ensure a safe and positive experience today and into the future.”