Apstec Systems Human Security Radar (HSR) : The First Fully Automatic Real-Time Mass People Screening Solution


Human Security Radar® HSR™ for Customs is a high throughput people screening system that detects narcotics and currency being carried by couriers through national borders, whether land, sea or air. Fully automatic, real time and without the requirement for additional staff to respond to alerts or manage the system in any way, HSR offers a great opportunity to significantly improve the effectiveness of Customs operations.
Placed in a customs channel, HSR provides an additional layer of screening that can detect narcotics and currency being carried on passengers entering or, in the case of currency, leaving the country. It does not require any additional staff and simply slots straight into any border operation. In terms of behavioural detection, it provides another trigger in an already hostile environment for the smuggler. It complements and improves operational efficiency.

HSR offers a real time opportunity to identify smugglers who may currently be subjected to an ad hoc approach to screening and a relatively unhindered entry into the country. It ensures that one hundred percent of passengers get screened, allowing intelligence led operations to focus on the highest priority risks. Without requiring additional Customs staff and with a simple response to any alerts, HSR provides a genuine and significant enhancement to border operations.