adds smart water valve+meter to water management solution

671 released its Smart Water Valve+Meter at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to help people avoid billions of dollars in annual property damage loss from water leaks and use water more efficiently. A part of the Water Management solution, the device is said to identify low and high-volume water leaks and constantly monitor overall water use and current usage rates in homes and businesses.

Deep integration with the platform leverages intelligence and insights to help reduce the risk of losses from water emergencies, while also improving water conservation efforts, according to the company. According to an estimate from Parks Associates, only 6% of homes currently have a smart leak detection system.

Designed and developed by Building36, a subsidiary of, the Smart Water Valve+Meter combines cutting-edge technology with high-quality plumbing hardware to help safeguard properties from costly leak repairs and steep water bills, according to the company.

Using data from the device and a suite of water sensors and monitors, the Water Management solution detects both large leaks and small drips early, and intelligently responds to each issue. For example:
While the property owner is away, the system detects a large leak from a burst pipe and automatically shuts off water to the home to prevent flooding.
While the property owner is home, the system detects a small leak from a laundry room and sends a notification but keeps the water on to avoid an untimely interruption.
The system uses temperature sensors on the Smart Water Valve+Meter along with HVAC and thermostat information to alert the property owner if there is an emerging risk of frozen pipes.
While the property owner is away, the system detects a bathroom toilet continually running and closes the water valve to prevent excessive water usage.

In addition to preventing water damage, the Water Management solution constantly monitors and reports water consumption to help home and business owners reduce waste and costs. As part of the Water Management solution, the Smart Water Valve+Meter fully integrates with the entire ecosystem so users can manage everything remotely through a single point, the mobile app.