ABLOY to collaborate with racing driver Valtteri Bottas to expand business outside Finland


Finnish locking solutions provider Abloy and racing driver Valtteri Bottas have signed a collaboration agreement at the launch of its renewed ABLOY brand in Joensuu, Finland.

With this collaboration, Abloy will start to implement its renewed ABLOY brand among its customers, partners and employees worldwide. Abloy is expanding its international business operations, and the company plans to enhance the visibility and awareness of the ABLOY brand outside Finland in the coming years. The focus is on security solutions for critical infrastructure as well as commercial and public construction customers.

“Valtteri Bottas fits perfectly with the message that we want to convey to both international and domestic markets. Bottas and the ABLOY brand have many common denominators: trustworthiness, technological pioneering, innovativeness, first-class qualities and team play. These features specifically support the values we have defined in our branding, which are summed up in the trust-confirming statement ‘ABLOY – For Trust’,” says Abloy’s CEO, Jari Toivanen.

“Success requires attitude, passion and willpower. You must be able to trust people, the power of collaboration, your team, your partners and the world around you. Above all, you must be able to trust yourself. Your ability to make things better”, Valtteri Bottas says