G4S CSR act empowers the underprivileged


With over 5,70,000 employees across 90 countries and over 1,35,000 employees in India alone, G4S is committed to delivering services that create a safe and better environment for millions of people.

As a global leader in security-related services, corporate social responsibility is very important to G4S. G4S conducts its business in a way which is ethically responsible, safe and consistent with the company’s values and standards. They take a holistic approach to social responsibility and are mindful of our societal impact.

Since starting operations in the early 1990s, G4S India has been setting standards with its various CSR initiatives. G4S Shiksha, one of G4S’s biggest CSR commitments, was started initially by the ‘Hope Worldwide’ (“HOPE”) as a primary school for underprivileged children in July 2004. Since 2010, G4S India has partnered with HOPE and lent its support to the growth and development of the school. The school started in a temporary shed with just 21 students has now grown into a multi-storeyed building with 300 students, and classes from Nursery tol Grade 7.

At the heart of G4S, Shiksha’s efforts is the endeavour to equip students with the requisite knowledge and skills for employment and carve a respectable niche for themselves in society. The focus is on practical learning, where the students get hands-on exposure including organizing educational trips to National Science Centre, Nehru Planetarium, National Rail Museum, etc. Parents too are encouraged to ensure regular presence of their children in school, as, in addition to education, G4S Shiksha also provides amenities like mid-day meals, books, uniforms, school bags and necessary stationery for the students.

Health and safety of people in their care is a priority. G4S ensures that the school operates in a secure environment and meets high standards of health and safety. G4S also provides 24-hour security to the school and fully manages and maintains the building and premises. G4S has undertaken multiple initiatives such as advising them on installation of CO2-type fire extinguishers, renovation and demarcation of an evacuation route in case of emergency, proper arrangements, storage of hazardous, stray elements and controlled access to various sections of the building, among others.

Encouraged by the response and growth, the Shiksha School has plans to expand to other states like Haryana, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.