3D X-Ray wins Threatscan contract worth over £350,000


3D X-Ray has won a contract for the sale of an undisclosed but significant quantity of Threat Scan-LSC Systems to an unnamed military customer for use by their EOD units currently engaged on active service. The total value of the contract is in excess of £350k.

3D X-Ray Ltd, CEO, Vincent Deery said: “We are delighted with this sale because, as a long-standing repeat customer operating in the harshest conditions, it represents faith in our company, products, and service” He went on to say: “But also from a business perspective, the contract ensures we maintain our recent successes and are on track to meet our financial expectations.”

The 3D X-Ray Threat Scan-LSC is a portable x-ray inspection system that includes two panels: the large format LS1 panel and the compact LS3 panel. The LS1 panel has a large imaging area of 600mm x 460mm to scan typical bags and packages in one scan, yet it is still remarkably lightweight and incredibly thin. The LS3 panel is more compact with an imaging area of 305mm x 256mm, for use where access to suspect packages is limited or under vans, for example.

This combination system is both flexible in deployment configurations and powerful with the ability to penetrate steel up to 40mm at 120kV. It also produces high-quality, sub-millimetre resolution images. These systems are ideal for the military EOD community as well as border agencies, police and security services.