360 Vision Technology releases secure, ‘game-changing’, low cost-of-ownership TX Direct wireless PTZ camera range


360 Vision Technology, the UK manufacturer of rugged HD, radar and thermal PTZ imaging cameras, has launched TX Direct, an innovative static IP address wireless PTZ camera now available in the Predator (HD, thermal & radar) and Invictus model ranges.

Offered alongside the existing wireless TX camera range, TX Direct camera technology offers installers and end users the advantage of seamless, direct ONVIF integration into Video Management Systems (VMS), rather than via a hosted server or third-party software.
Providing high definition 1080p, 25fps, 2048 kbps, CVBR images, TX Direct enables the freedom to easily add and set-up new surveillance cameras beyond the coverage of existing hardwired CCTV cable infrastructure, and as a cost-effective alternative to using expensive leased fibre networks.

In addition, and extending the scope for delivering substantially lower costs of ownership in areas where existing fibre is available, TX Direct can also be utilised for fixed or rapid deployment applications as a viable alternative, yielding substantial savings on the choice of end-to-end camera video transmission media deployed.

Furthermore, unlike other wireless transmission solutions, TX Direct drives down the cost-of ownership even further, as the wireless camera is supplied ‘licence free’, meaning there are no recurring fees to pay.

Using 4/5G networks for CCTV connectivity has traditionally been limited due to the lack of large data cellular connections with a static IP address, which is required to access and control the camera. Traditional rapid deployment systems either record locally with footage downloaded as required, or their data streams are highly compressed and frame rates are reduced to cut down on expensive data usage.

A typical traditional static IP address solution will consume 20Gb of data at best per month. If streamed live and uncompressed, this allowance would be used in less than a day!
With its fixed IP address, TX Direct now offers a viable alternative, delivering data allowances of 1000 Gb and above, thereby allowing cameras to be streamed 24/7 back to a central monitoring location, with minimal installation time and no adverse impact on infrastructure. Flexible onboard storage is also available to enable recording at the camera-end if required.

As with all 360 Vision products, security is designed to provide peace-of-mind and suitability for use in high-security applications, such as within finance, CCTV/ANPR, local government, utilities, highways, police and military.