Redvision launches VOLANT PTZ rugged dome camera for outdoor security


Redvision, a UK manufacturer of high-performance, rugged CCTV cameras and housings, has launched IP and analogue VOLANT rugged domes. The VOLANT is by far the fastest, quietest and most accurate rugged PTZ camera available in today’s security industry.

Identical web interface for VOLANT and X-SERIES.
Stephen Lightfoot, technical director at Redvision, explains, “The VOLANT draws on Redvision’s extensive experience of building cameras for tough, hazardous and corrosive, outdoor surveillance applications. We took features from our acclaimed X-SERIES PTZ, which we consider critical for rugged applications. We have a die-cast, aluminium body and flat, optically-correct, toughened glass camera window with silicon wiper, for outdoor use. We have also developed a unique encoder interface, so the VOLANT and X-SERIES work seamlessly on the same control platforms, with an identical Redvision web interface.”

“Redvision has used the Sony STARVIS 30x camera module to achieve exceptional, low-light performance. The VOLANT includes integrated, Dual-Adaptive IR and white light LED illuminators, set in a ring surrounding the camera window. These provide optimal lighting in any field of view and are effective up to 150m in complete darkness. We have also adopted the preset, shortcut control from the X-SERIES, to allow fast access to white-light for immediate target illumination and colour verification.”

Military-level accuracy

“Lastly, the VOLANT uses Infinity direct drive, brushless DC motors for its fast, accurate and silent operation. These give highly flexible, continuous rotation in both the pan and tilt axis. Not only can it pan at 360°/second to a pre-set, but the VOLANT can also move extremely slowly to track a target or person at 300m. The Infinity motors also deliver military-level positional accuracy, and if knocked or moved out of position, the VOLANT will recover to its correct position.” IP and analogue models of VOLANT cameras are available, including ONVIF compliant, Full HD, IP with 30x optical zoom and SD analogue with 20x or 30x optical zoom.