Latest Aperio wireless access solution wins award


The newest device in the Aperio wireless access control portfolio has scooped another major award. The Aperio H100 electronic handle received Detektor International’s Innovative Achievement Award 2018.

The new Aperio H100 packs the power and flexibility of wireless access control into a door handle. With easy retrofitting to almost any interior door, broad RFID compatibility via an inbuilt credential reader, and simple integration with third-party access systems, the H100 handle makes it cost-effective to extend your access control to more internal doors. The Detektor International jury comments: “Smooth and smart — the Aperio H100 access control door handle is a brilliant example of excellent product design.”

A standard battery fits inside its slim handle, ensuring a minimal footprint and a discreet look suited to any door style.

The result is powerful access control functionality in the simple form of a handle. No wiring is needed, and the H100 can work with an online access control system or offline.