‘Gainwise’ smart communication products


Gainwise, specialists in designing GSM/3G module embedded communication products, will be presenting innovative smart communication, control, monitoring & security solutions using GSM/GPRS, 3G and LTE technology soon. Gainwise 3G Door Phone/Audio Intercom, SS1603-12, is a brand-new entrance intercom system over the GSM/3G network. It is a typical door intercom station but works independently so that it does not need the support and communication from the home main-deck and station.

The SS1603-12 supports up to 200 residents and calls up to 3 numbers via landline or mobile. As it works on a GSM/3G network, there is no wiring on installation. It is designed to be easily setup by PC, SMS or APP. The solution deploys a mobile phone to replace the system main deck and/or home station, so the Gainwise 3G Audio Intercom system allows users to answer a door-phone call to visitors, even while they are away from home from any where, at any time. With this function, users can open a door or gate if any family or company members can not get in to a building, room, or home. The SS1603-12 is in aluminum with a vandal-proof design, and is available for flush-mount and surface mount installations. The SS1603 can also act as an access control system to control and manage access for up to 1152 users.