ASSA ABLOY integrates Aperio wireless lock technology with EdgeConnector


ASSA ABLOY announced the integration of their Aperio™ wireless lock technology with EdgeConnector: the physical access control software from Dot Origin that radically strengthens and simplifies access management. The Aperio integration offers Dot Origin customers an easy, affordable way to connect additional openings to their new and existing EdgeConnector installations. Aperio is a global wireless platform available across a broad range of locking hardware from ASSA ABLOY Group brands, offering the flexibility to address a variety of applications throughout any facility.

The Dot Origin EdgeConnector solution has been integrated with the Aperio IP hub, allowing the use of existing IT infrastructure to connect up to 16 openings per hub. EdgeConnector’s unique architecture unifies physical and IT access management by extending the power and flexibility of existing IT-access control infrastructure (typically based on Microsoft Active Directory) to handle IP network connected doors.

The many benefits this IT-centric approach brings to customers includes: automatic coverage of all locations, all doors and all personnel anywhere on a global IP network, streamlined permissions administration, and location-aware IT-access control capabilities that can restrict the use of sensitive data and critical applications to within physically secured areas

Dan Isaaman, Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of Dot Origin, said: “We have made sure our integration maximises the power and versatility that Aperio wireless technology can bring to physical access control installations. With EdgeConnector, Aperio IP hubs simply connect directly to the network without any need for intermediate panels, delivering real-time, centralised, access control decision-making across any number of sites.”
“Our end customers are really impressed with the flexibility offered by the Aperio solution, which can also be incorporated into installations alongside wired door controllers from our other partners.”