‘Access Control Technology’ (ACT) releases ACTentry


ACTentry V-IP allows any staff member on a computer network to receive video and audio over IP directly to their computer in order to screen visitors at a building entrance and then grant or deny them access. The product frees up staff who might otherwise perform only occasional reception duties and be unoccupied for long periods so that they can use their time to assist with other security and administrative tasks. The product is ‘green’ with an exceptionally low carbon footprint since it dispenses with the need for dedicated CCTV monitors and intercom in reception areas. Any authorised member of staff can view and speak to visitors using their own computer with the handset connected to the computer’s sound card.

An extended version of the unit has a cutout so that a panel-mount proximity reader can be included and connected to the access control system already in use. This allows staff members or regular visitors such as contractors to gain immediate entry with an RFID card or fob. ACTentry V-IP will manage up to eight entrances and can be used from 25 computers. This can be particularly useful for staff who need to deal with out-of-hours deliveries. Installation costs are minimal and there is no disruption to normal staff activity since no cabling is required and the software is installed on each PC that requires ACTentry V-IP.

ACTentry V-IP allows staff to ‘hot-desk’ without any of the problems associated with wall-mounted monitors, telephone handsets and inflexible reception layouts. Our receptionist solution will also provide late-working employees with additional security as they can view and listen to who is at the entrance. The ACTentry V-IP panel offers a high level of vandal resistance. It is supplied with a V-IP controller, handset, power supply, software and manual. Multiple versions are available.