Vision-Box presents Seamless Assistant – The on wheels battery powered device for passenger’s processing


Vision-Box, a provider of biometric recognition, digital identity and seamless travel management, has unveiled the Seamless Assistant, a state-of-the-art security gateway device to make the passengers’ processing flow more efficient. This flexible and fully standalone mobile device is built with a small form factor on wheels and can be used in different scenarios.

With a reduced footprint, the Seamless Assistant allows biometric identification with liveness detection and fast deployment in various locations, through its battery-powered capability and mobile WI-FI wireless connection.

Seamless Assistant has been developed to provide an exceptional user experience through its biometric and biographic capture performance, replacing the manual and paper-based processes.
This new device takes the biometric experience to the next level, by optimising the experience at airport journey, with more passengers being processed in less time.

Key technological features of Seamless Assistant include:
Small form factor on wheels which allows fast positioning in different locations for multiple use cases (security, lounge or boarding)
Battery powered with mobile WI-FI connection, meaning no cable connections
Intelligent light compensations, adjusting automatically at darker environments for a better face capture
Intelligent face-matching and liveness detection of the passenger
Integrated with Vision-Box Orchestra Digital Identity Management Platform, which is fully certified by Privacy by Design, to deliver a unique biometric user registration and management experience.

Speaking about the launch of the Seamless Assistant, Alessandro Minucci, Head of Product at Vision-Box says, “we are proud to announce the launch of the Seamless Assistant, a revolutionary new product that is set to simplify the experience of airports, airlines and passengers.” “Features such as the small form factor, battery power, wireless and wheels allow this product to be a market standout.”

“The device can be moved anywhere in the airport without any effort, permitting quick deployment at any given moment for whatever use case it might be required, such as scaling up infrastructure at peak periods.”

The launch of the Seamless Assistant is an integral part of Vision-Box’s Seamless End-to-End Solutions, which Redefines the Experience of Travel, creating a world where the travel experience feels effortless.