Dahua expands video analytics use with entry level DVRs


The accuracy and performance of video analytics have been hugely enhanced in recent years, due to deep learning, high-performance computing, and big data analysis. 2021 is seeing wider adoption of AI and deep learning in particular making video surveillance and detection even more accurate, while lowering costs. The effect is to speed up post-incident investigation by allowing searching and filtering based on criteria such as personal characteristics or types of object.

There is no doubt that video analytics driven by deep learning AI is becoming more common in video surveillance, whether on the periphery in cameras or at the core in NVRs/DVRs and the cloud.

Vendors including Dahua Technology offer cameras and recording equipment with AI video analytics functionality. In fact, Dahua’s range of AI products has become so wide, which it is now bringing the technology to many more users by including it in entry-level products – such as the Cooper-I series range of XVR digital video recorders.

The Cooper-I series supports both H.264 and H.265 compression and comes with smart motion detection (SMD Plus) and AI Coding features. Dahua is the only manufacturer that includes AI functionality in its entry-level digital video recorders, providing users with all the advanced capabilities of AI, but at a more cost-effective price.

SMD Plus is enabled by default without any additional configuration needed can accurately identify people and vehicles while filtering out false alarms created by other objects, either in real-time or when searching recorded video. Using deep-learning algorithms which analyse a scene intuitively by recognising objects and patterns as humans do, rather than just registering pixel changes means a dramatic increase in detection accuracy and a consequent reduction in false alarms.

Although offering users the potential for 4K Ultra High Definition images, there are potential drawbacks to the technology such as theoretically needing four times the bandwidth and storage capacity that increase the total cost of ownership. The AI Coding function of the Cooper-I series, however, saves more than 50% of bandwidth and storage space compared with only conventional H.264/H.265 coding. Combining the company’s HDCVI 6.0 Plus features with cutting-edge AI, Dahua delivers AI functionality for its complete HDCVI (HD over coax) range.