ZeroVision set to launch smart alarm fog bomb for business protection


Verisure UK, a leading European provider of professionally-monitored smart alarms are launching a new alarm that embraces smart technology. The smart alarm product – ultimately a fog bomb – prevents a burglary owing to the burglar’s or intruder’s inability to see. It is intended that the fog bomb will prompt the intruder to flee.

Over 99% of businesses in the UK are SMEs – approximately 5.7 million (2017) – and are commonly associated with the lifeblood of the UK economy. 96% (5.5m) are micro-businesses employing 0-9 people and account for 22% of turnover and a third of UK employment. And yet, many are only taking the most basic steps to protect their businesses. Operating their businesses out of small premises or from home offices many are putting their livelihoods at risk, yet an investment into a monitored smart alarm could change all that.