Verisure launches ZeroVision Alarm to prevent burglaries and intrusion


Verisure, provider of monitored security solutions and new security alarms, is working against burglaries and intrusions with the launch of the ZeroVision Alarm. ZeroVision represents a new alarm category that enables proactive actions to be taken remotely and immediately in case of a verified intrusion.

When a burglar breaks into a home or business, every second matters. Therefore, it’s necessary to detect the intruder and intervene as quickly as possible. As soon as Verisure’s Alarm Receiving Centre verifies that there is a real intrusion or a legitimate threat, the ZeroVision Alarm is remotely activated, immediately generating a zero-visibility situation by expelling a dense and bothersome fog that prevents the intruder from seeing.

The home or business remains protected while the police and security guard service arrive at the premises. Consequently, customers will now have maximum levels of protection and deterrence. The ZeroVision Alarm is an efficient tool designed to stop burglaries. Easy to install, wireless, and reduced size, the ZeroVision Alarm is grade 2 certified and accredited with the highest standard certifications in the industry.