ULIS launches ThermEye Building range equipped with people detection and counting features


ULIS, a designer and manufacturer of a wide range of innovative thermal image sensors, has announced the launch of ThermEye Building, a thermal sensor line for system integrators of detection and people counting equipment for connected buildings.

The new ThermEye Building range includes two new products: ThermEye-b90 and ThermEye-b120. These 80×80 thermal sensors provide system integrators with advanced functionalities to detect presence (even when people are immobile) and localise and count people in order to improve capabilities in analysing human activity and communicate with relevant smart building applications. Coupled with a 90° or 120° field of view (FOV) lens, a single ThermEye Building sensor can cover a zone of 30 sq. meters (323 sq. feet), equivalent to a meeting room accommodating eight to ten people.

The product range is configured with a conventional video channel (50 images per second) and features an intermittent mode that is compatible with low-power consumption applications. It only requires one AA battery to run a ThermEye Building sensor when transmitting an image at two-minute intervals.

The advantage of running entirely on batteries means end-users can deploy these detections, people counting and localisation systems in both new and existing buildings.
The solutions developed for the ThermEye Building product line guarantee occupant anonymity and privacy, as there is no facial recognition. This is a plus for integrators wishing to use data to develop other future solutions for smart building applications that improve how facilities optimise space usage and energy management, detect potential fire hotspots and manage people flow during a fire.

“ULIS is invested in the connected buildings market. This novel product demonstrates our commitment to bringing smarter sensing solutions to facility managers,” said Cyrille Trouilleau, smart buildings manager at ULIS. “We have extensive expertise and experience in designing reliable high-resolution thermal image sensors. We are now applying this know-how and industrial rigor to our mass market sensors. ThermEye-b90 and ThermEye-b120 are 80X80 resolution sensors offering the right level of added performance needed for intelligent systems. Our industrial platform based on a disruptive technology that drives costs down will allow us to produce several hundred thousand of these sensors every year for commercial applications.”