TeleEye launches new AHD solutions with 4MP IR Cameras and 4MP DVRs


TeleEye, a supplier of video surveillance systems, has announced the introduction of the new 4MP AHD Solutions, adding AF series 4MP IR cameras and JN series 4MP DVRs into its AF series product family. The JN series 4MP DVRs come in a range of 8- and 16-channel models.

TeleEye AHD solutions provide a simple and hassle free procedure to upgrade from a SD to a 2MP (1080p) / 4MP surveillance system. With TeleEye Analogue solutions, all that is required to upgrade from SD to 2MP / 4MP is to replace the existing cameras and DVRs with the AF Series and JN6 Series. However, for certain cameras that are crucial in the current surveillance system which would be problematic to replace can also be retained. Additionally, the wiring of your current SD system does not need to be uprooted, so that users can continue to use their existing coaxial cables. Therefore, there is no inconvenience or delay to the daily surveillance operations throughout the switch to HD. The AHD DVRs are compatible with 4MP, 2MP and even SD cameras.

TeleEye AHD systems use point to point transmission to secure a smooth and reliable image quality. TeleEye AHD 2MP / 4MP cameras can obtain a long-distance HD video transmission through a coaxial cable of up to 400m (2MP) and 200m (4MP); meanwhile IP cameras can only transmit videos to approximately 100m. These TeleEye AHD 2MP / 4MP cameras and DVRs can provide users with a solution that will allow them to monitor to a much greater distance. In comparison to traditional analogue products, TeleEye AHD products transmit images and videos at a superior quality and with minimal noise.

For absolute accuracy during video surveillance monitoring, it is crucial that there are no delays throughout the CCTV footage. With TeleEye AHD solutions, the front-end data does not require any form of coding compression for real time results and high fidelity, so there are minimal broken footages or delays in the results. The most precise performance is ensured, meaning operators do not miss out any details during surveillance and triggers prompt preventive actions. As the images are captured at a high resolution, they may be used as supporting evidence to assist in investigations if necessary