TBS provides solutions to top biometrics challenges in industry


Efficiency drives factory output. Optimal conditions drive work satisfaction. Safety drives business continuity. Here, TBS shows how to overcome challenges and adopt best practices when considering the adoption of biometric based access control and attendance systems – a tool to drive manufacturing optimisation.

Challenge 1: In busy or complex manufacturing plants, the need to manage a high number of employees clocking in and out at roughly the same time can result in delays and bottlenecks if someone is not quickly processed.
Solution 1: With TBS, biometric devices provide immediate and accurate identification. Integrated with automatic turnstiles it maximises the flow of people, avoiding painful queues.

Challenge 2: Buddy punching is a real risk in industry. It may misrepresent someone’s presence. Manually accounting for employee schedules is time consuming prone to human error, resulting in disruptive processes.
Solution 2: TBS devices provide unique identifiers through biometric identification. It makes sure to keep a track complex schedules by having a system of identification at the entrances and exits of plants.

Challenge 3: Badges or keys can be forgotten, damaged, copied or lost. PINs can be guessed, hacked or forgotten. Single authentication factor is a liability.
Solution 3: By using unique physical attributes to identify it ensures that there is no need to bring a badge, or worry about losing keys or having to remember another PIN.

Challenge 4: Manufacturing plants commonly have several locations in different regions. Visiting staff or workers traveling to other locations often need to manually input their working hours.
Solution 4: TBS ensures recognition across multiple sites by biometrically registering employees, and then share credentials within a unified system. Ensure visibility of mobile workers in supply chain and logistics.

Challenge 5: Poor biometric solutions with weak identification performance results in frustration and the need of additional and redundant manual systems. Legacy and cheap biometrics are inefficient and unreliable.
Solution 5: With TBS technology, the users choose the right biometric sensors for their environment, from a range of TBS devices that can cope with large databases, different finger conditions.

Philippe Niederhauser, Head of Sales and Marketing, believes that TBS-Biometrics delivers an important asset to industry: “Value for Value: We are proud to be an important security element for the car manufacturing industry, all around the world. Furthermore, TBS is securing the most prestigious watch manufacturing sites.”