Tagmaster’s New ANPR camera for parking and access control


Tagmaster, has released the CS40 – the company’s new ANPR camera which is aimed at the parking and access control markets. This latest model in a new range of intelligent ANPR cameras from UK based Citysync Limited, part of the Tagmaster family, was showcased at the Parking Industry Exhibition in Chicago.

The CS40 camera is the most complete intelligent (all-in-one) camera for the parking (free-flow) and access control markets. New features like PoE+, Linux operating system, on-board OCR Engine and ANPR processing ensure high performance and scalability. The onboard OCR engine boasts one of the fastest and most accurate algorithms for reading license plates on the market.

The new CS40 camera has been developed through extensive and co-operative collaboration within Tagmaster Group’s joint technical team, with valuable input from partners in the parking and access control markets. The camera setup is quick and easy thanks to a comprehensive on-board help guide greatly reducing setup times and costs. The new CS40 includes the latest plate fingerprint technology increasing the already high accuracy. For greater flexibility, multiple CS40 cameras can be connected to the Citysync Jet Management Software suite, enabling car park counting, overstay, frequent visitor and dwell-time analysis