Supra TRAC-Mini Access Controller can now be used in offline locations


Supra, a global provider of mobile credentialing and entry management systems, announces additions to its compact and rugged TRAC-Mini controller, which it says will enhance lock management in offline locations ranging from remote outdoor telecom sites to indoor office file drawers.

The new configurations of the TRAC-Mini controller extend the capabilities of the Supra TRACcess system, which uses mobile credentials and Bluetooth technology to enable authorized personnel access to facilities, properties and devices virtually anywhere.
“The rugged TRAC-Mini controller can be used indoors or out, and its small size fits on drawers, doors and equipment racks,” says Fayyad Sbaihat, president, Supra and Onity. “It’s a great solution for places where adding tracked access control was previously impractical or impossible, including places with no cellular coverage.”

The Supra TRACcess system includes TRACcess Manager Cloud-based administration, which sends access permissions to the TRACcess eKEY app on a user’s Apple or Android device. The app uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with the TRAC-Mini controller.
System operators can monitor access activity online or via email alerts, or generate routine reports. The recently introduced TRAC-Guard padlock for use on remote gates and doors is also part of the TRACcess system.

Supra key credentialing is deployed across an installed base of more than three million Bluetooth-enabled locking devices in multiple industries, according to the company.
The enhanced TRAC-Mini controller brings operational flexibility to hard-to-reach places with a choice of bezel interfaces to turn on Bluetooth reception. One interface contains an on-board power jack to provide 9V battery power to motorized locks during a power failure. An optional TRACcess relay provides power conversion, power management and control of third-party locks.

Relay-mode operations can hold a motorized lock unlatched for seven or 60 seconds, so several doors or drawers may be opened during one access event. Supra is part of Carrier, a leading global provider of innovative heating, ventilating and air conditioning, refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies.