Notafire Pro the most advanced Smoke Alarm


Combining cutting-edge technology with almost invisible design (patent pending), the Notafire Pro uses five sensors to detect any fire-related emergencies, from smouldering fires to fast burning fires and Carbon Monoxide. Notafire Pro is virtually invisible. Measuring just 4.3 inches (110 mm) in diameter and protruding less than a quarter of an inch (6 mm), you can even paint over it to match your decor. It is available with battery only or hardwired with a battery backup so it finally looks like you won’t have to choose between protecting your family and having the perfect room.

Notafire Pro is network-ready; supporting WiFi, Z-Wave and IFTT connections, it integrates seamlessly into your smarthome system to create a series of actions in the event of an emergency such as turning on all lights, exhaust fans, and opening motorized skylights. The possibilities are endless. Most importantly each Notafire Pro is interconnectable, so in the event of an emergency in any room, every connected Notafire Pro will sound an alarm. This is critical in large and multi-storey residences. The Notafire Pro comes with its own app that will notify users in the event of an emergency together with a picture of the triggered area via its integrated camera. The app also provides information when the battery is low and can be used to silence a ringing alarm.