Manage security from the palm of your hand with CLIQ® Go


With the new CLIQ® Go app, businesses can unlock the power of access control, saving time and unnecessary workload in the process. CLIQ® Go locking technology allows users to manage security and access rights on the move, on the road and from anywhere in the world. These days, all you need is an app to help you find a route, choose a restaurant, read a spreadsheet or check your bank balance. Now there’s an app that can help you manage your company locking system, too. Designed for busy managers, CLIQ® Go saves time and puts a digital solution in the palm of their hand.

Managers can administer their CLIQ® Go system in the cloud and from a mobile phone, tablet or PC, via a brand new, intuitive app. A few taps and swipes of the screen is all it takes to revoke, supervise or amend individual access rights.

The mechatronic CLIQ® Go system combines the best of mechanical and electronic security to meet the needs of a busy workplace. The electronic lock’s power is provided by a battery inside every programmable key, meaning it works independently of mains power.
The system is designed to fit existing doors and lock cases, making it cost-effective and hassle free to install. Site security can get the CLIQ® Go upgrade with minimal disruption to day-to-day operations. The cylinders and keys are built to withstand the elements, so can be used on interior and exterior openings, and work across multiple types of enclosure – not just doors but cabinets, cupboards and padlocks, too.