LonTrend announces launch of LTSX03 explosion-proof PTZ housing


Inheriting the attributes of its parent product LTEX17, LTSX03 comprises different variants like the flexibility for adding a heater, blower, wiper, and built-in IR 30/60/100 m to fit a variety of installation environment. As for the pan and tilt function, LTSX03 standard product delivers 360-degree endless rotation and ±90-degree tilt which enables unlimited zero spot monitoring from limited installation sites.

LTSX03 is fully compatible with camera systems that support Pelco P/D protocol and RS485 standard. Therefore, the control of pan, tilt and wiper could be fully integrated with most of the IP camera systems. By accessing any existing IP based network, a security executive could troubleshoot abnormal, respond to and investigate incidents remotely, safely and efficiently.

Constructed by stainless steel 304/316L with CNEX certified Exd II CT6 explosion-proof marking, LTSX03 is therefore ideal partner for remote monitoring in typical hazardous environment including oil, gas industry, onshore, offshore critical infrastructure. In dusty environment like construction site, grain handling factory, LTSX03 could be equipped with wiper, washer