Inner Range upgrades Inception access control and intruder detection system


Inner Range’s powerful and budget-friendly access control and intruder detection system, Inception, has been upgraded to allow a range of extra reporting functions, anti-passback protocols, language translation and interlocking doors.

The upgrades will allow security and facilities managers better and greater control over who is accessing their site. Several new reporting functions can be scheduled and automated. For example, managers can receive a monthly report on access card inactivity to help them delete credentials no longer in use. Automatic muster reports, showing who is where on site, can also be scheduled to run in the event of a fire alarm to help with health and safety procedures.

This provides additional validation for user access requests. The system checks the user’s last known location to see if they’re already in the area they’re trying to access. The protocol helps prevent tailgating, sharing access cards and helps ensure people move through a building following correct access control procedures. Anti-passback is commonly used on sites where accurate user locations are critical. For example for site reports, accurate muster reports, or secure locations. It can also help protect resources such as car park spaces by preventing multiple drivers presenting the same access credential.

The system can ‘auto-forgive’ or exempt passback violations so cards continue to work but managers are alerted so they can be deal with the issue more gently – this is often helpful before rolling out a ‘hard’ anti-passback protocol. Inception’s web interface and LCD terminal can now be translated into other languages. Personalised translations can be imported directly the web interface and do not require special firmware. The ability to lock two, or more, doors to ensure they can’t both, or all, be open at the same time – is also now possible with Inception