HID named as leading digital certification authority


HID’s Identrust business has been named as the #1 digital certification authority in the world, according to the latest independent research results from W3techs, a technology survey company that consistently tracks the SSL certificate market. Identrust’s leap to being the market leader for digital certificates signifies only the second time in the history of the internet that the top position for the Certification Authority has changed – first in 2015 by a competitor and now to Identrust after a fast-paced growth trajectory over the past two years.

The W3techs quantitative research revealed that Identrust is now used by 17.5% of all websites, globally and that it is also the number one SSL certificate authority overall in most European countries. They also found that nearly 23% of all new sites use Identrust digital certificates and that Identrust has issued more than 36.4% of all SSL certificates worldwide.
“Becoming the #1 Certification Authority for SSL certificates makes HID’s Identrust among the most trusted digital certificate providers in the world,” said Brad Jarvis, Vice President and Managing Director, IAM Solutions with HID Global. “Third parties trust our digital certificates because they are reliable, easy to integrate and compliant with standards. Our customers trust us to provide digital certificate services from a secure and scalable platform capable of meeting the needs of their dynamic business environments.”

This achievement reflects the changing landscape of SSL certificate usage, with more emphasis on automated processes and the value of the Identrust infrastructure and broader partner network associated with HID Global. One aspect of the changing landscape is how tens of thousands of websites are reportedly going to find themselves labelled as “unsafe” next month, due to a decision in September 2017 by Google to cease trusting certificates from a former market leader.

Identrust digital certificates support real-time validation of Internet traffic on a scalable, software-as-a-service platform. Identrust helps create a trusted environment that secures business- and life-critical data. When Identrust digital certificates are combined with HID’s identity & access management platform, the company is able to scale to the requirements of the industry’s most challenging environments, such as certificate-based authentication for complex enterprise data protection and for the protection of billions of connections.