Gainwise 4G digital Volte intercom for multi-residents


Following the recent release of the 4G Volte Fixed Wireless Terminal, Gainwise is now launching the 4G Digital Volte Intercom for multi-residential houses and building applications. This latest innovation will be on show at IFSEC 2019 in London along with the company’s full portfolio offering of GSM/3G module embedded products and communication solutions.
The 4G Intercom offers a group of metal keypads designed for users and visitors to input the account number to dial to a specific house of residence. Residents can use the keypad to enter the password to unlock. As they are using a 4G network, they can control the door entrance remotely.

The 4G Digital Volte Intercom makes for easy and convenient entry control for multiple residents within a building. The 4G intercom allows users to welcome, filter and control visitors at home or in an office. By using the 4G intercom system, users can remotely open or close entrances, such as pedestrian gates, driveway gates, rising bollards, traffic barriers, garage doors, etc. External lighting can also be activated to make the access approach safer at night. Furthermore, the system can also be used to switch on heating, ventilation, air conditioning, pool or fountain pump and all these activities can be controlled from a land-line handset or a mobile phone. In addition, the 4G signal and technology allows for clear digital audio communication.

The Gainwise product range covers GSM FWT, GSM gateways, 3G FWT, 2G audio door station, 3G video intercom, 2G/3G door opener, M2M, GPS vehicle tracking system and more.