DMP adds 8-Channel 2TB NVR With EASYconnectVPN to lineup


Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) announces the addition of SecureCom Video’s V-4408D NVR to its lineup of video offerings. Supporting any SecureCom Video or ONVIF compatible camera, the unit is designed exactly to DMP alarm system specifications and can be purchased directly through DMP, according to the company.

The NVR also features EASYconnectVPN, the private firmware developed exclusively for SecureCom Wireless and DMP. The V-4408D delivers 2 terabytes (TB) of storage, with the capacity to expand up to 12 TB. You can access video from the NVR or directly from the Virtual Keypad app or End users have the ability to stack two of the devices for a maximum of 16 cameras on any Virtual Keypad account.

With Virtual Keypad, customers can combine dozens of different cameras and up to two of these NVRs into their systems and manage them all with one app. The V-4408D can also be used with any DMP system and allows users to view their video surveillance 24/7 locally from their computer monitors or Apple TV app. It is also possible to download and export clips to other devices locally via a USB drive