Bosch Security System’s G450 Home Control Gateway


The G450 Home Control Gateway from Bosch Security Systems connects Bosch B and G Series intrusion control panels to a variety of devices to enable a full range of home and business automation solutions. The new gateway connects the control panels with Z-Wave, ZigBee, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radio compatible devices and with wired third-party IP cameras for customized control of homes or businesses. Adding automation capabilities to a Bosch B or G Series system creates convenience for the user and opens up new opportunities for recurring monthly revenue for dealers and integrators.

With a connected system, users can control security, door locks, home appliances, lighting, heating, cooling and more through a web browser or via the Remote Security Plus app for iOS or Android devices. The app provides one-touch device operation for common modes such as Home, Away, Night and Vacation. For example, when a user leaves, tapping an “Away” button on a smartphone could trigger the doors to lock and the security system to arm.

An intuitive wizard makes it easy for integrators or end users to program automation based on manual, scheduled or location-based events. An integrator or end user could program the lights to turn on, the thermostat settings to change and the security system to disarm when users enter a defined area near their home or business.

The G450 Home Control Gateway connects easily to the user’s local area network, and system data and video recordings from connected Bosch and compatible third-party cameras are securely stored in the cloud with an accompanying service plan. The gateway can be used with B6512, B5512, B4512 and B3512 as well as B9512G and B8512G intrusion control panels from Bosch. In addition to automation capabilities, these integrated security solutions offer intrusion and fire detection, access control, and integrate with Bosch IP cameras for complete security with only one system to learn, install and maintain, delivering a low total cost of ownership.