Arteco releases new Videowall solution for higher situational awareness in video monitoring


Arteco, a provider of event-driven intelligent video management solutions, has announced the availability of the Arteco Videowall, which enhances situational awareness and improves multi-agency collaboration, resulting in stronger decision-making and more informed response. Arteco Videowall delivers a rich experience by combining data, including videos, maps, peripherals, Web pages, integrated third-party systems and event notifications, into a single visual interface. Other specialised content, such as real-time news feeds, weather monitoring, system status information and operator protocols, can be easily shared with others, facilitating joint and immediate action.

Completely scalable, Videowall supports a wide variety of Security Operation Centers, from single-operator stations to critical, enterprise level facilities. The solution can also be leveraged across multiple sites in different locations, such as a local emergency operations centre and a law enforcement organisation.

Arteco Videowall is a feature of the Arteco NEXT and Arteco Extreme software, and is an option for Arteco eMotion and Arteco Active. The solution does not require specific hardware and monitors, granting users unlimited flexibility.

“Arteco Videowall gives security officials total control by facilitating seamless sharing of critical data and optimising the decision-making process,” said Giampaolo Sabbatani, CEO, Arteco. “These components are crucial to meet the most complex security needs and streamline operations, ultimately meeting our goal of highlighting relevant events and enhancing overall security for organisations.”