Alarmtech glass-break detector gains EN grade 3 approval


The AD 800-AM, an acoustic glass break detector with anti-masking has been tested and approved to the European EN grade 3 standard. According to the company this makes Alarmtech, the manufacturer based in Sweden, the first European company to achieve this standard. Vds in Germany has been testing the product for the last 12 months to the EN 50131-2-721:2013, which has resulted in the product being awarded with the certification.

A finalist in the Detektor International Awards this year, the AD 800-AM is a new generation of acoustic glass break detector with anti-masking function that meets the requirements for level 3 of the new standard EN 50131-2-7-1: 2013, which corresponds to the recommendations of the high-security facilities. The detector is designed to acoustically detect attempts to get into a protected area by smashing a window or glass partition. The detector is based on the latest microprocessor technology and has a number of advanced algorithms linked to the acoustics of the room (Digital Room Compensation).

Thanks to these algorithms the detector can distinguish between broken glass and other interfering signals. AD 800-AM has a newly developed active anti-masking function (protective covering) with separate relay output for enhanced security. Attempting to cover the detector or blocking the microphone on the detector will result in an anti-masking alarm. It is designed for indoor installation and can be installed either on the ceiling or on the wall opposite the protected glass. The detection zone is 165 °, which means that a detector can monitor multiple of windows in a room. The detector is capable of detection for standard glass, tempered glass and laminated glass.