Abus camera portfolio now included in JVSG CCTV planning software


The entire Abus camera portfolio is now fully integrated into the video projecting and planning tool “IP Video System Design” by the manufacturer JVSG. Users of the software thus have the option of simply including all ABUS cameras in the planning phase.

The more than 5,000 specialist installers currently using the project planning software will now have direct access to the entire camera portfolio of the video surveillance specialist Abus, meaning, all camera models, both from the IP and the analogue portfolio, are stored in the software.

The “IP Video System Design” software makes it easier for video installers to develop and plan modern video surveillance systems. For example, you can check the field of view of each individual camera, estimate the bandwidth required, and assess the storage capacity of the hard disk for video archives. With little time, the focal length and viewing angle of the camera lenses can be calculated and blind spots detected. The efficiency of the installed safety systems at the end user increases significantly.