Dortronics presents custom door controls & interlocking systems


Dortronics, an industry leader in off-the-shelf and customised door control solutions, was showcasing the company’s custom design and manufacturing capabilities, and its highly versatile 4800 Series Door Interlock Controller at GSX 2019.
“The demand for customised door control solutions continues to grow as more facilities look to implement more robust security safeguards that seamlessly integrate with their surrounding environment,” said John Fitzpatrick, President of Dortronics Systems, Inc. “Dortronics provides new and existing customers with the personal consultation they need to design, manufacture and deliver customised door control solutions with fast turn-around times and at affordable prices.”

Dortronics’ products are designed and manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Sag Harbor, NY. The company believes that this facilitates the company’s unique ability to quickly custom fabricate a wide range of door control products including: switches with durable, highly-visible laser etched or engraved paint filled lettering; and custom plate sizes and annunciators in almost any shape and size.

Dortronics was also showcasing its highly versatile 4800 Series Door Interlock Controller at GSX 2019, which accommodates up to five doors, including doors with automatic openers. The unit’s 17 outputs control door locks (fail-safe or fail-secure), traffic lights and mirror door status with alarm outputs with a long list of features that includes adjustable timers for propped door time, panic release unlock time, and unlock pause time for request-to-exit unlock time.

Additional features include 12 inputs for door status, request for access, interlock override and emergency unlock. A watchdog circuit to monitor operation, LED input/output status indication and voltage spike/surge protection are also all included. The 4800 Series is available as a controller board only or with a 4-amp Class 2 UL 294 power supply.