Domain Tower in Mexico City uses Speedlane 300 optical turnstiles to control access


The Domain Tower Building in Mexico City, inaugurated in January 2017, recently equipped its main lobby with two Speedlane 300 optical turnstiles and a Winglock 900 access gate to ensure only authorised employees and occupants can enter secure areas in the building.
The mixed-use, high rise building, located in the renowned Avenida de los Insurgentes business district in Mexico City, has 19 floors, a residential area with 112 apartments, a corporate area with office rentals (currently partially occupied), a green rooftop, a gym, and a shopping area on the ground floor.

Both of the optical turnstiles and the access gate were integrated with the building’s security system, comprised of an access control system that uses card readers with different permit codes for employees and visitors and is also linked to the elevator control system.
“As people enter we give them a card that we programme and control from the administration office. By just waving the card through the reader, the turnstile’s panels open and indicate what floor the person should go to and which elevator they should take,” explained Félix Ávila Sánchez, Operations and Maintenance Manager for Domain Tower.

The Speedlane 300 optical turnstile offers a high level of security and supports the work of the security employees and receptionists, guaranteeing that only authorised users can access certain building areas. This is an aesthetic solution also designed to emphasise security and safety. The turnstile features a stylish, oval cabinet design with a relatively small footprint and two, illuminated angel wing panels that slide into the cabinets to create an open lane following card authorisation.

The Winglock 900 access gate is an alternative security entrance that offers easier accessibility for people with disabilities or in situations that require carts to be moved within the area in limited spaces. Featuring a single glass panel hinged on a metal pedestal, the gate swings open or closed depending on the direction of the user.

In addition, in the case of an emergency (fire, earthquake, etc.), alarms are activated and the turnstiles and the gate will open automatically to ensure that people can exit freely, thus maximizing their protection and minimizing any risks.